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"Aside from physical exercise, yoga has had a phenomenal impact on my sense of peace and well-being. Over the years, as the physical forms and shapes of yoga (the asanas) become more familiar, I've discovered new levels of consciousness that "break through" during a practice. Therefore, I'm finding more and more that I enjoy not only the physical exertion of a practice, but also the meditative and even spiritual aspects." Sarah Clinton
"Yoga changed my life in numerous ways beginning with meeting my husband in yoga!
We knew we had a mutual interest instantly! Yoga has improved my flexibility and strength. It's also helped me believe that I do anything if I practice and practice and be persistent. It's helped me know my own body and my physical needs. I've used yoga to help ailments and rest my mind after a terribly busy day at work. I also have a better awareness of not only my own body but by looking at others and know that yoga will keep me from looking like them (slouched over, unhappy, aching). When I go to the gym and do a handstand or a headstand, my aerobics friends are always in awe. I tell them that Lynlee told me that if I do a handstand everyday, it will keep me young forever. And then they can't believe my age when I tell them. I guess Lynlee is right! If they were smart, they would do yoga, too. Hope I didn't ramble on but as you can tell, there isn't one bad thing that I can say about yoga. It opens doors and hearts and minds!" Julie Sterling
"I took my first yoga class 18 years ago because I had back pain. I was impressed by the knowledge of the instructor and the attention to alignment. I later learned this is how Iyengar instructors teach. As an engineer and builder by trade I appreciated the teaching. It was soon that my back pain went away, usually it does not bother me if I keep up my practice. I enjoy how challenging and athletic the poses are and have fun learning new ones. I feel more energetic during the day and sleep well when I practice. The older I get, the better I feel thanks to yoga (and Lynlee)."
Jim Neal
"Yoga-what it has done for me? Where do I start? Four years ago I finally gave in and had a knee replacement. We nurses put these things off as long as possible! The surgery occurred in May of that year. As my physical therapy sessions came to an end the following October, my therapist and I discussed options for continual strengthening of leg muscles. Yoga was one option that intrigued me. Luckily a new session was starting with Lynlee Sky at her studio close to my home. I signed up and got started only to realize, that in spite of all that physical therapy, all my other muscles and joints were way out of shape. I remember as a kid being able to bend and do what I now know are even advanced yoga positions, but somewhere over the years those skills and flexibility seem to have evaporated. So, now four years later, although I'll never compete with 10 year old muscles and joints, I am a different person, physically and mentally. Yes, I am stronger and have more flexibility, but more importantly I am more aware of and in-tune with my body. I sit up straighter at the computer and driving my car; I walk with more purpose and a wider stride, I breathe more deeply several times a day, and I embrace life from a healthier state of mind. I have been pretty consistent in attending weekly classes over those four years, I practice some at home, but it is becoming more and more obvious as the positions become more natural to me, that practicing on my own will only enhance my ability and my awareness. I hope to be a member of Lynlee’s "ageless" class for a long long time as I learn more and more about me and my body each session. Kudos to her outstanding teaching skills for facilitating this transition in my life’s trajectory."
Barbara Scheffer, R.N., Ed.D.
Professor of Nursing and Interim Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Services
"Before beginning yoga, I had sore ankles every morning when I got out of bed. Arthritis runs in my family, and I thought this was inevitable. However, after a few months of taking Lynlee's yoga class, I no longer experience the sore/stiff ankles in the morning. Yoga keeps me focused on maintaining my health -- both mentally and physically. It keeps me flexible and calms me down. Having a scheduled weekly class keeps me disciplined.
I'm still new at yoga, but I expect further improvements."
Jill Moore
"From a stay-at-home mom of two kids (almost three), yoga is my chance to be "by myself" and melt away stress that I didn't even know I had. Over the summer, I took a break because of our crazy family schedule . . . son's karate twice a week, son's soccer practice on the same night that my husband had softball, in addition to having meals ready as soon as we walked through the door. I assumed that scheduling yoga one night would totally put me over the edge. Ironically, it was NOT having a class during the week put me over the edge!. After taking a session (or was it two?) off, my husband MADE me sign back up. I guess not having something to myself, something to melt away some of that invisible stress, and something to promote physical movement, I was in such a crabby mood. Sooooo, I couldn't be more grateful for stumbling onto Iyengar yoga years ago and then finding Lynlee at the Practice Center! Words can't truly express how thankful I am for Lynlee and her dedication to the practice of yoga and devotion to her students."
Respectfully, Anita Hazlewood
One of the "Hallmarks" of Iyengar style yoga is the use of Props (mats, blankets, blocks, straps, etc.) to accommodate individual needs, to facilitate better alignment and precision with more ease. The use of props are originally BKS Iyengar's innovation.
Iyengar instructors and students are trained and committed to know when and how to use props. "The use of props can be creative - sometimes using what is handy." Judy Bocklage

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