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Registering is Easy
Step 1. Choose your class(es)
Step 2. Complete the Registration Form.
Include full amount payable to Yoga Practice Center, LLC.
Mail-in deadline: seven (7) days prior to start date of class.
Note: If a class is under-enrolled by the start date, it does not run.
Holiday Registration: Novemeber 11-December 19
Please Register and pay before classes begin, thank you.

Mail to:
Yoga Practice Center, LLC
9885 West Ann Arbor Road
Plymouth, MI 48170
for more information contact:
*Please consider yourself enrolled if you do not hear from the office.
*You will be notified only if class is full or cancelled.
*Classes are cancelled if under enrolled (6 or less) by start date.*
Studio is open 15 minutes before class times for registration,
to visit, and to ask questions about the yoga program.
For hygienic purposes,
Please Bring Your Own Yoga (thin, non-skid) sticky mat.
Stickies available locally at: www.yogaware.com
Support your yoga community, please buy local.
Within each Pose is Repose,
Reflection, &
To Receive the Most from Your Class:
o Come to class 10 minutes early to prepare & quiet down)
o Turn OFF your cell phone, or better, leave it in your car!
o Don't eat before class. (Eat moderately at each meal)
o Don't drink water during class or your practice..
o Wear fun clothes that allow yourself to see your alignment.
o Treat all exercises cheerfully & with equanimity.
o Classes are designed for thjose who enjoy exercise, not patients.
o Walk or bicyle to class!