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Studio Policies & FAQ

Please Register and pay your tuition 7 days before Current Session begins.

Pre-Registration and payment is Expected and Much Appreciated.

*No E-mail or phone registrations, please.*

Drops are accepted up to the start date of the session. No refunds or credits are given once session begins.

Classes are designed for Active Adults who practice in between lessons. All students should practice regularly.

Wear a T-shirt, shorts or tights. Yoga is practiced barefoot, no shoes allowed in studio. Long sleeves, turtle necks, and
loose, baggy sweat pants are not recommended. No sweatshirts with hoods. No heavy jewelry

*No perfumes.* Please use unscented products. Respect others sense of smell and allergies.

NOTICE: Arrive 5 - 10 minutes before scheduled class time. Late comers will not be admitted once class has begun.
It is disruptive and disrespectful to others to arrive late.. Also note, your spot may be taken by another student.

PLEASE Bring Your Own YOGA Sticky Mat for hygienic purposes. Good Idea to Write Your Name on it, Thank You.
You can buy yoga equipment locally at www.yogaware.com
Make-up a missed class during same week you missed, sorry, no carry-overs into the next session. Makeup class in the same or similar level class in which you are enrolled. Saturday's 10:15 class not open to make-ups.
Q. How do I know what level of class to sign up for?
A. Read the class descriptions, they outline what to expect. You may also seek advise from the instructor

Q. I have taken a yoga class before, but it was another style, or, it has been awhile since I have practiced yoga.
A. It is recommended that you begin at Level I to learn the basics, terminology, and how to use props in Iyengar Yoga. Level I will also build your stamina and endurance if you haven't practiced for some time.

Q. What about a physical concern?
A. The instructor at YPC does not teach therapeutic yoga; to determine if yoga is suitable for you, please get advice from your physician. Please advise your teacher before class if you have any significant health problems, are pregnant, or are menstruating so that alternative poses or classes can be suggested. Classes can be designed for those with minor health concerns only.

Q. What if I can't come to all the classes during a session, may I just drop-in whenever I want?
A. NO - Iyengar yoga is taught in a systematic way, week 2 will have information linked in from week 1, and so on. Dropping into a class is not advisable after the 2nd week of classes. Also, some of the classes are large and cannot accommodate drop-ins. Wait until the next session to register, please.

Q. Can I practice yoga at home?
A. YES, it is strongly recommended that you practice at home what you remember best from a recent class. See the Guidelines and recommended readings to better understand the asana practice, to learn and study yoga philosophy. These books will enhance your enjoyment of taking an Iyengar yoga class. In addition, the Iyengar web site is interesting to look at for more information > http://www.bksiyengar.com